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My Favorite Coffee & Ice Cream Spots in Prague, Czech Republic — ISA Today!4v1522960368961!6m8!1m7!1sCAoSLEFGMVFpcE9JWTNCd3BMc1N5d1lQZ2h4djNqN3VnTS1oSjYyeS1TLXBaWmpX!2m2!1d50.08572206610098!2d14.41823494145274!3f86.83738!4f0!5f0.7820865974627469

By Megan Schwartz, ISA Prague Site Specialist Two of my favorite things about a city’s culture (and about life in general) are coffee and desserts. So naturally, when I visited Prague I was on a constant search for two things: Caffeine Sugar With the recommendations of the ISA Prague on-site staff, I was able to find some of the best […]

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Italy: Venice and Verona

I’ve always had a special admiration for Italy and it’s culture. I’ve cried over Andrea Bocelli being in town and not being able to afford tickets, yet stood outside the fence separating his concert from the streets from the moment it began until he thanked the public. I grew up with Laura Pausini and as everyone else, could eat pasta for the rest of my life. I love the language and the balconies. I really adore the balconies. The yellow coloured-houses and the weather. As a Spanish individual, Greece and Italy are as close to home as I can get.


This was my second time in Venice. And I hope to one day go again with my favourite person. Not for it’s overly commercialised atmosphere but to tell him about their campaign against a number of tourists and their desire for the cut of cruises stopping for a day trip. I want to have coffee with him and smoke the shockingly small cigarettes they sell there. I want to look up for hours and just point out the balconies and the beauty they add to every house they decorate.

Venice is one of those places that make you hate the fact that you are a tourist. You want to speak Italian and walk without looking at any directions. And those are the places I gravitate towards.




Verona was beautiful. In a different way. I expected it to be less chaotic in terms of businesses or tourist attractions. I was wrong. After watching ‘Letters to Juliet’, I was fascinated by a corner being dedicated to love. Not like the bridge in Paris filled with locks, I thought. I was so wrong. I even thought of taking a letter back home (only time I’d be that big of an asshole). But Juliet’s balcony was filled with teenage names and the date they started dating. The souvenir store took up most of the space with 10 euros for a lock and a marker to write your significant other’s name next to yours. At the moment, I told mine: ‘I dont want our names to be in a sea of other’s who probably didn’t make it. We’ll find our own spot’. And we will.



P.S the locks’ picture is blurry because five people wanted to take a picture in front of it.