We’re all waiting to be discovered

We’re waiting to be found. We want our blog to be found, our articles to be read, our films to be seen and our names to be known.

It’s a long and slow process. We have conversations that we’re told to offer in a form of art. We are told we’re passionate and we’ll get far. Our friends will encourage us and our families will be proud. But we are terrified that we won’t be seen outside of our circle. We start Youtube channels, start websites. Some upload their songs on Soundcloud and share it on Facebook. Some share it on Twitter and give out our URLs. But we want more.We write our books doubting their reaction and forget why we started. We forget that we always wanted our work to be someone’s favourite. We apply to university hoping it will be a step forward. It’s a way to fill up space while we grow in views and figure out the next big step.

There are days when you can see your future and days when you feel stuck. Days when you’re inspired and days when you’re drained. Being surrounded by people who have their next step figured out made me feel like I wasn’t going anywhere. Until I realised I plan on going somewhere else. I plan on doing something different. I plan on figuring it out while I’m lost. I want the comfort of knowing where to go next, but I forgot to be excited about what I’m doing now.

We will get discovered. Even if it’s by 5 people who love your writing and don’t just like your posts to get the likes in return. We will use this platform until we know how to grow further. We will use what we have now and expand on our ideas. It takes time. And so much motivation. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other artists and to avoid fearing the number of individuals trying to reach the same goal. Remember that you didn’t start this to win a competition. It was never about people buying your work over other pieces or being the most liked ‘influencer’. We need to rely on our own inspiration and our own vision and avoid needing outsiders’ views to get to our next step.

I’m still trying to figure mine out.