Prague In February

February Goals

After prolonging a set of goals, due to the immense fear of failing when tackling them, I have decided to act on the consuming thoughts of what my life could be. Writing them down will push me as it will no longer be a part of the thoughts that provoke me to sit and think of the things I want to accomplish.

  1. I will act more rather than put it off. Procrastination is a normalised factor obtained by a tired individual. I want to upgrade my predicted grades now that I found the perfect university for me. in order to do so, I will work from 4-7 during weekdays. I will write every essay to my fullest potential, rather than simply getting it done and feel proud of doing an average piece of writing.
  2. I will start fulfilling my desire to start photography. I will work with what I have now and will only think of possible cameras once I know it’s truly for me. I have been putting this one off for the past 2 years as I thought I could only start filming or doing photography once I had a proper camera and a prominent editing software.
  3. I will stop eating unhealthy meals in order to feel like I’m taking a proper ‘study break’. This has never felt rewarding and I need to go back to my eating habits as to internally feel as though even if I haven’t accomplished something that day, I was good to myself in some way.
  4. My sleeping issues. After 3 years of insane lack of sleep and numerous naps during the daytime, I need to give myself the advice I rush to give friends who prioritised studying over sleep. I will enjoy my mornings enough to motivate me to have them. I want to sleep early and wake up at 6 am. It will be an extreme change as for the past years, 6 am has been the time I would start closing my eyes. That extra hour before getting ready will be used to finish any tasks I would have stayed up for. It will be used to have my morning coffee and read. Now that I am in a long-distance relationship, calling late at night has made me feel as though I had to sleep late for the call to be worthwhile. After communicating this with my boyfriend, he has made it clear that my sleep is a priority. And I’m grateful for that.
  5. I will read regardless of the fact that I have other things to focus on. If the previous points work, I should have time for everything. And I cannot wait to get my time back.
  6. I will start writing on this blog again. I will do it for myself, regardless of the small amounts of views. The things I write will continue to be for me and the people who I am privileged to share it with.