the state of being or living alone; seclusion:

to enjoy one’s solitude.


My choice of subject originates from my fascination of the feeling that solitude evokes. My interest for this concept came from the comfort I was able to create for myself when choosing to spend time for and by myself. It was noted by an increase in change how easy it is to adapt when you separate the feeling of loneliness with the enriching sense of solitude. Solitude has personally always been a provisional aspect I needed. I have yearned for the temporary breaks I physically and mentally long for to feel myself grow into my character and adjust to my romanticism of time.

This collection surrounds the concept of solitude strangers enjoy both in public and in the comfort of their spaces. During this project, I contemplated the ethical issues with my invasion of privacy of those who I photographed. This ended the morning that the man whose window faces mine started looking into my room. I often wake up feeling lonely, as though I am the only person waking up in the dark. That morning, I looked into his kitchen and saw him making coffee. I don’t think he knows it, but I joined him and drank mine while he stood by his window.

Throughout the months that this project took place, I noticed my focus shifting from technique to authenticity. Viewing the vulnerability that strangers expose when enjoying time alone transformed this theme into simplicity, where the narrators of the photographs took all significance.


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